Developing a process of existential understanding and growth that can help to inform and guide one’s meaning and experience of the world.

Supporting Departments and Resources

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UA’s Crossroads Civic Engagement Center is an initiative of the Division of Community Affairs. Crossroads fosters respectful intercultural engagement for students, faculty and staff, and community members throughout the state by facilitating:

  • workshops on inclusive engagement practices.
  • dialogues where participants are invited to share their perspectives on challenging social issues in a respectful, inclusive environment.
  • collaborative programming to encourage appreciation of the rich cultural traditions on campus and in the local community.
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UA Religious Life

UA Interfaith offers students a safe, robust, diverse faith environment in which they may be exposed to the rich diversity of faith expressions, discover their own spiritual and religious identity, live out their faith in responsible, consistent, authentic ways, and find both freedom and opportunity to share their faith insights and convictions respectfully in such a way that their collegiate experience shapes their lives and influences the world. For a list of faith-based organizations to be a part of, contact:

Gorman Houston

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The Source

The Source provides resources, support, and recognition for student organizations on campus. Explore these registered student organizations that may fit your needs and interests for spiritual wellbeing by visiting their website.