The University of Alabama values the health and wellbeing of each student. The Division of Student Life promotes a holistic view of student wellness that considers the total student and the entirety of the student experience to help them establish and maintain a lifelong approach to wellness. Through many initiatives led by our associate vice president for health and wellbeing, Dr. Toti Perez, we provide resources and opportunities so that each student can thrive in their time at the Capstone and beyond.


The University of Alabama will be the national leader in collegiate health and wellbeing that fosters resilience and empowers students for healthy living.


To promote a multifaceted, developmental, and holistic approach to wellbeing that maximizes each student’s learning experience through pioneering programs and services that support, engage, and educate students to establish and maintain a lifelong approach to wellness.

The Alabama Model

The Alabama Model of Student Health and Wellbeing provides an understanding of student wellness that contributes to students’ academic and personal success as well as ways to support it.

Advisory Council on Wellness

The Advisory Council on Wellness is an appointed group of students that serves to advise the associate vice president for Student Health and Wellbeing on issues and concerns directly related to student wellness.